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Originally Posted by mandoknight89 View Post
The ship you purchased wasn't a Fleet Ning'tao, was it? I've seen quotes that state it specializes in exploding... which isn't far from the truth to be honest. It's a terribly designed hull: 500 more HP and 0.14 lower shield multiplier than the Commander level original.

MKX KHG set. nothing to spectacular. Does fine.

Cruiser and Raptor mileage may vary.

Anyways, even without knowing your specific ship, your shields shouldn't be dropping 'every' time you get fired on. Shields 'drop' (as opposed to failing to regen) and ships blow up only under a few certain sets of circumstances.

Shield power needs to be rather high to take advantage of innate resistances and regen....EPTS can help with this...but there is more.

For instance lets say you don't use TT. If you don't use TT or very quickly manually adjust your shields, almost no matter what else you do, a facing will drop and you will explode.

Also if you cannot match up a proactive shield resistance with a shield heal, your shields will still drop even with TT, just not quite as fast. But drop they will.

So you run something like a EPTS as often as possible, when you begin to take heavy fire you use TT, you shift power to aux and use TSS, then shift back to shields. Stuff like that. That stuff works. It works with crappy common gear. Honest.

Cheers happy flying!!!

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