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# 1 Introducing "Officer Reports"
12-14-2012, 11:43 PM
The first in a new series I have concocted has just had it's second update published.

This is to be a series of missions designed to satisfy the "Investigate Officer Reports" requirement. Currently the first episode is in need of some playthroughs to establish an average playtime and until then , sorry it doesn't qualify, though i am very hopeful that it will.

All Episodes in this new series will come with a special, additional reward beyond the Cryptic rewards. Play the mission to find out more.

So, please go play this new mission to help it get an average playtime.
Play it again once it qualifies (hopefully). More sure now than before.

By the way, if you do check out some of the optional dialog, a rather handsome guy who is good with phasers appears. Now that he's not guarding the front page anymore, this Starfleet Security Specialist has time for other endeavours

Mission Title : Officer Reports 1 : Ushaan
Author @Handle : @hippiejohn

Peace, Love and Happy Winterthing Everyone
- HJ

Edit :

12/14/2012 First Published
12/15/2012 Update 1 : Some dialog tweaks. Combat balance pass. Respawn Points added.
12/15/2012 Update 2 : Major Update. New map added. Made Andoria look more like Andoria.
Dialogue Tweaks. Combat Balance pass.
12/16/2012 Final Update : Combat Balance Pass. Minor Dialogue Tweaks.

With enough playthroughs this should definately qualify as an Investigate Officer Reports Mission.

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