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Originally Posted by thissler View Post
OK, but that's what it seems like what you are doing.

Seeing how you spent two posts on pushing your opinion on what you do, and what you presume most other players to do.

"For example, most tacs don't take many (if any)blah blah blah..."

Well if you don't want to skill your captain in that manner, don't. That doens't mean it isn't done by others. Do as you wish.

But it won't change these facts. Tacs bring more damage. Sci brings more support and debuffs and shield heals. Engineers bring more power management and hull heals.

Those would be facts.

If you bring something to a ship that it doesn't already have a LOT of, you increase that 'something' by a relatively large amount. If you bring something to a ship that it already has a lot of, well, not so much. Get it?

For instance an Engi in a Sci can really keep power levels high, increasing the value of all the ships systems, and provide the ship a huge self heal in miracle worker to counter the weaker hull and use the Fleet Engineering to boost heals for tight times. HE is a sci boff skill u know, but its boosted by engineering. Who knew?

So before you go off with the "But that's just me, I won't try to dictate how someone else plays" Take a look at what I was saying. I'm the one saying to not limit yourself (or anyone really) to a certain ship due to preconcieved notions of playstyle or whatever. I'm saying see what you can achieve by being a little outside the boxxy. Not that boxxy.

I concede that point. You are correct in that I seem to be pushing my opinion on others, but it's just how I write and speak, and that's how it's always been, even since high school. I was taught both at home and at school in persuasive writing and speaking styles and it stuck. So if you think I was trying to force an idea on you, I apologize.

What I was merely saying was from personal observations, nothing more. And you are correct, adding to strengths doesn't do as much as shoring up weaknesses. All I was saying was that the Negh'var to me, and me alone, seems like more an engineering ship. And for tacticals I would see them more in a Vor'cha, and science I would see them more in a Vo'quv or Varanus.

If you felt that I was being overly pushy, my apologies again, it's just how I write XD.
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