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# 1 So the Vesta...
12-15-2012, 02:53 AM
Now that it's been out a few weeks I wanted to get some feedback from players who got it. I'm thinking about picking one up for my science captain. Currently she is flying a Recluse Carrier with a Polarized Disruptor energy drain build, but I never truly got happy with it. So I'm looking for something new.

Is the Vesta worth it? I collected about 1500 zen worth in dilithium so I wouldn't have to play full price for one, and I might even try to grind up the rest with the current low prices. Which variant would you recommend the most? I don't want to invest in a respec, so I'd probably still try to make a energy drain build work. Is the set bonus from the three pack worth it at all?

So what are your thoughts on the Vesta? I'm playing PvE only with this char, so it doesn't have to be the most competitive ship ever. But I hope to get more out of it than out of my Recluse. Maybe I'm just too spoiled for Science ship from using a fleet defiant on my tactical captain