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12-15-2012, 04:40 AM
Q: (bridgern) Is the Dilithium Exchange with the exchange rate working as Cryptic wants it to work?

Dstahl: Cryptic does not set the prices on the Dilithium exchange. Players determine what they are willing to barter for and establish prices. Our intention is to ensure that players always have a consistent earning rate of Dilithium for a measured amount of normal game play. We monitor how much Dilithium players are earning hourly and adjust Dilithium Ore rewards accordingly. The benefit of a player driven exchange is that players with no Zen are able to trade the Dilithium they are earning so that they and can easily afford items they would not normally be able to. This allows players with no Zen the ability to get many items from the C-Store without ever spending a dime of their own money. This has been a goal of our F2P design to allow players to play and experience everything in the game without ever spending a dime. Compared to other F2P MMOs, we feel this is a very player friendly approach because the amount of Zen you can obtain via trades is only as much as the other player is willing to trade.
So, players are undercutting each other, for they are desperate to obtain dilithium?

Wouldn't that also imply that: (1) players are tired of the excessive grinding, (2) the dilithium rewards are too low, and/or (3) the dilithium requirements that are too high?

Shouldn't the lower exchange rates be a warning sign, which indicates that something is wrong with the resource requirements?

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