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Regarding the KDF UI colors, the biggest issue that I have with it is the relative lack of color contrast between friendly targets (red) and enemy targets (yellow)--for a person who has mild colorblindness, it is difficult to distinguish them, and if the red/yellow scheme is kept, I would like to see friendlies shown as a deeper "blood" red (i.e. a small amount of blue in the RGB color map) rather than the brilliant glowing red at present.
After logging into my KDF avatar, I think I noticed the overall problem. Regardless about if you are color blind or not, the contrast between the 'golden' yellow and 'dark' red is very problematic. You can barely distinguish between enemies and allies.

Colorblind people have an issue with red, for they see it as a 'golden' brown color. Since the allies are in a 'dark' red, while the enemies are in a 'golden' yellow, colorblind people will see them as a similar color.

Cryptic didn't use pure yellow, and that is why the contrast is problematic.

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