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12-15-2012, 05:22 AM
I think I've bought 'em all but the b'rel retrofit.
All the orion, nausicaan and gorn ships for sure.
Bortas pack.
The To'duj.

Not entirely sure about all klingon ship variants.
If I were to guess, probably all but the norgh. (and even then, maybe, lol)

I'm a sucker for ships.
And I support development of the KDF as best as I, personally, can.
Even if that amount of money is a bit embarrassing to admit.

The only one I'm disappointed in... really... is the Marauder FDC.
Not in it's capability/utility, just that it looks like a guinea pig.
Can't wait to get our base high enough for a fleet corsair or Dacoit. Whichever it is.
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