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12-15-2012, 05:26 AM
Originally Posted by kdfrulzfeddroolz View Post
As long as this change to the KDF UI is optional - that's fine. But don't mess it up for the rest of us who love it as is.

If anything, scientifically speaking (google it yourself for research on the subject) BLUE causes more eye strain in the majority of people than any other standard color and is a major reason I don't touch my smurf ...FED toon that is.

That eye searing blue gives me headaches and I love the red so don't screw it up Cryptic!!!
YES! Exactly this! I understand the people that have problems with the red and I would like nothing better than them to have the option of choosing an UI colour.
But it has to be an OPTION. This is not directed at the people that want the change, rather at the Devs. (I think they understand this, but anyway) - this needs to be an option, not a full change for the KDF UI, because there are a lot of players that enjoy it the way it is.
So Branflakes, hope you're reading this and please convey the message to the rest of the Dev. team.

In addition, without overexaggerating, as you said I'm much more tollerant to the red than the blue UI and I can in fact play much longer on KDF than the Fed. due to that, although it is not nearly as big of an issue as the people who mentioned their problems with the red UI.
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