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12-15-2012, 07:21 AM
Short Term
1 Rebalance or replace the Bortasque to be more in-line with the fighting characteristics of Klingons.
2 Add a ship for the freighter which debuted (and ultimately was destroyed) in Star Trek III. Really? You haven't done this yet? Really?!
3 Using special borg nanoprobes, transform Auto Walk into Auto RUN so I don't have to keep hitting the stupid shift key!
4 Display more useful and in depth statistics available on the ship status ui.
5 Replace some of the theme music on the Klingon side to the Klingon theme rather then the classic Star Trek theme.
6 More things Klingon! I enjoy them immensely!

Mid Term
1 Allow items to be sold on the Exchange by simply right clicking on them and selecting an option to sell. (See Guild Wars 2)
2 Provide beam points in various areas of a map allowing you to transport from one place to another rather then pointlessly walking everywhere. (See Guild Wars 2)
3 More duty officer game play, I really enjoy this aspect of the game.
4 Redesign any UI elements to properly organize lists by category rather then throwing them all into a single scrolling list. Specifically the skill trainer list for officers. Its stupidly difficult to research in game.
5 More things Klingon. I enjoy them immensely!

Long Term
1 Revamp/Redesign ALL ground character movement animation and collision mechanics to more correctly maneuver around walls and corners and in general remove the floppy chaotic feel to squad movements and combats. Which includes fixing the crude slinky affect that occurs when I try and get into melee range of my combat target and they move away from me. Feels dumb and unrefined.

2 More things Klingon. I enjoy them immensely!