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12-15-2012, 07:03 AM
First, if you only do PvE, you may use plasma energy type because it's less expensive.
Second, an engineer in a Mobius is a really strange combination, why?
Apart this, you should change a lot of things in your build; this is how I would build it:

PH1 - HE2
TT1 - APB1
TT1 - TS2 - CRF2 - APO3

3 DHC/DC (doesn't matter in PvE), 1 quantum torpedo
3 turrets

2 neutronium
manheim flow capacitor borg field generator
4 energy type

The Maco shield + borg engine and deflector is still an efficient solution for PvE, however you can also try Omega.

Personally, I don't mind Kinetic Cutting Beam. It works fine in PvE, but it's pure ... (you know) in PvP. If you want, remove a turret and equip it.
About Quad Cannons, you don't need them, trust me. (they work with CRF and CSV)
I like Manheim Device, but it's not a children toy, if you're not wise you should better drop it.
About DPS parser, it's useful only for PvPers, don't care of it ;D
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