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12-15-2012, 07:47 AM
Thought I'd throw in my two cents again. When I used the latest driver I got the crash to the desktop randomly. I am now using an older Intel driver that I switched to when this first started occurring (one older than the one released in October). The game now runs without any crashing to desktop. I do however see a shader error on the bottom of the game screen briefly sometimes when I load the game up. I do not see it again during the rest of the session.

I'll agree with Cryptic that the error is going to be a little bit on both sides (driver and game engine). Because I have seen a shader error on older driver, it's game engine code at fault. But because some video drivers appear to totally crash the game it's also the drivers/kernel. Some drivers seem to be more stable than others though. Based on what I have seen it does not appear to be restricted to Intel cards/drivers... I've seen ATI cards/drivers as well with the problem.

Anyway, until the issue has been resolved I am going to continue to use my older driver. Because downgrading to an old driver does not seem to "fix" the issue for all, I feel bad for those who don't have that option. Hope it can get resolved eventually and as soon as possible.

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