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Originally Posted by doubleohnine View Post
DISAGREE. Dont be like Cryptic. i dont like Foundry missions that force even one respawn with my average gear. The very premise of dying too easily in STO has angered me, dont be like the idiot devs that think thats funny. I want a challenge yes, but I dont need Foundry NPCs gang raping me either just to make it harder. If a foundry author wants to dev their mission like Cryptic, then put a gear warning label in its description so I can stay away from it. Nothing makes me forget a good foundry story like respawning 2+ times in that mission.
I'm actually not trying to make people respawn.
I typed that with tongue firmly in cheek.
It is very difficult to find the right combat balance, and I simply often err on the side of making a combat challenging enough that you might have to think about it some, which for some people ends up meaning a respawn.

Combat is incredibly difficult to balance with the tools we have available.
It's as simple as that.