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Originally Posted by amayakitsune View Post
Other than the fact that it comes from the Deferi missions what makes you say this?
I think because the deflector says:

"The polarized parabolic deflector dish is built specifically to enhance the systems used by, and against, the Breen energy dampening weapon."

Of course that is just flavor text and it can be read in several ways, considering the Set 3 power is the Breen Energy Dissipator I think the intent was this being the Breen set and, as you said, a lot of the powers are set for typical Breen ship weapon layout (Polaron and Transphasic) and abilities (Energy Drain).

Of course if we give it a bonus I would be just one based on the "Victory is Life" but until I see the console I have no idea what it should be since we already have Energy Dissipator in both Set skill and also by console, I can only see some bonus to Polaron weapons as everything was covered by the set.