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12-15-2012, 11:17 AM
First I'd like to welcome our new members! We're having a blast having new blood in our ranks! Dark Mirror is a smaller fleet with some welcoming people. I can't start to say how much fun it is to get on voice chat with these guys and start popping out Star Trek (and other movie) quotes while we're running missions.

As you may have seen from the above post, we'd like to try to get members with at least a slight knowledge of the mirror universe. Besides that, this group is really laid back and doesn't require any to have to donate to the starbase or embassy. In fact they seemed more concered on helping me get my romulan project done for the console that I mistakenly started before I realized it took 500 marks!

The fact that Dark Mirror is a smaller fleet too hasn't stoped these guys from plowing away at their starbase either. Plus, if I'm needing fleet credits, they'll buy what's needed then give it to me for me to donate.

If you don't want to be another nameless face this fleet is for you! Everyone has a voice and nothing is exspected nor asked of me in return. Come check us out at