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12-15-2012, 11:33 AM
A few thoughts on the vesta, having tested it out pretty extensively for a few weeks.

It's a very fun ship - extremely fun, in fact. I really enjoy flying it, but it does have a few problems, namely the hull strength.

I don't fly it in STFs any more, simply because plasma fires and crits eat away at your hull so fast. You really need to run two copies of hazard emitters and even then it's sometimes not enough.

You can get a lot of power out of it, and you can normally keep the shields up no problem - but direct kinetic/plasma damage is a real killer so be prepared for it. Monotanium and Electroceramic alloys are absolutely essential.

In conclusion: Fun but squishy, more squishy than my escort to be honest - I've gone back to flying my Mobius for most things, but the Vesta is still a very fun little PvE ship. Great for tour the universe

It comes recommended from me, but expect to get blown up more than you would in a cruiser, and even some escorts.