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12-15-2012, 12:29 PM
Originally Posted by jcsww View Post
Today's TFBB was teaming for Romulan Marks. We started the patrol on elite but found it was just ridiculously unforgiving. Things like Scimitar's for enemy ships really aren't fun to have to deal with in daily missions. Switching things up to normal was better. However, some of the missions still don't function in teams and force you into your own instance like the Beta Lankai system. Clearly, nothing but quality work when it comes to Cryptic Dev's! :p Considering it took us an hour and fifteen minutes to complete the daily with a full team. That was it for today's event.

Thank you to Winters, stage, solace, and Ask for rounding out the team for today's event! I hope to see you all again tomorrow or sometime soon!
Ur yes well i'm sorry i vegged totally on the time here. . the ROM marks idea was a good one.. the teaming aspect should have been debugged and cross faction is the only way to go... any artificial barriers to fun don't mean much.. for fun you need open ended flexibility.
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