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12-15-2012, 01:14 PM
I'd recommend the Sci version of the Vesta, as it's console is a great AoE heal, and having 5x Sci console spots will go great with the new threat scaling consoles.

The Quantum Field Focus Phaser runs off Particle Generators, so if you're not skilled into that, it's output is somewhat lacking. Skilled into it, the output is pretty nice.

Having all three consoles will increase your survivability a great deal, two out of the three consoles are defensive, and the three piece bonus is turtle mode that is basically a 'get out of respawn timer free' card. Though, you need to watch what other consoles you equip beyond those three, as you can very quickly either make it a deathtrap to fly or make it a wet noodle in fighting. Those are actually the only three universal consoles I have on it currently.

As far as weapon power goes, I'm currently running 3x Aux Cannons fore and 2x turrets and the Borg Cutting Beam aft, with 30 weapon power setting and the Jem'Hadar engines. With that CSV2 only barely dips the DPS down on the rear turrets towards the end of the cycle. The fore cannons are pretty power efficient, thanks to be to being on their own with the rear weapons being separate, and don't seem effect Sci powers very much when firing.