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12-15-2012, 01:25 PM
I love it, I use the tac version mostly. If having problems keeping its hull up either run 2 hazzards, or use one of the universals for engineering for more hull heals. After playing with the consoles I don't really use them besides sector space though.

My build:

Aux DHC x3
phaser turrets x3

Fleet engines, deflector, shields

Neutronium consoles x2
particle generator consoles x4
phaser relay x4
Adv danube hangar

tac team 1, scatter volley 1

Epts1, aux2sif1, ewp1
Epts1 Et2

HE1, TSS2, GW1, GW3, TBR3

I run 100 aux 50 shields at all times so the turrets don't get all that much power, still works good for damage with the aux powering the DHC, with damage and cc skills has no trouble guarding probes or soloing cubes in STFs.