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# 3469 Ranks and ships.
12-15-2012, 01:38 PM
I think this is a mix of long- and short-term. First of all, I wish we could see, as our first ship, something more like these:

Smaller and less powerful than the current crop of frigates you start with. It would make sense that ships like these, and the frigate classes would predominate in Starfleet. No wartime, or peacetime, fleet can maintain 100% of it's strength in large assets. They simply cost too much to produce and maintain. It also stands to reason that there would be a lot of commanders with jobs very much akin to what PT boat commanders did in World War 2. Tiny boats, with tiny crews scouting and raiding the enemy. Picket ships, if you will for intersellar war.

I would propose that these ships be slightly slower than the initial frigate, with the exception of the fast destroyer design, which is clearly meant to be a quick reply vessel, and that they turn quickly and have 1 360 degree arc weapon, and one photon torpedo launcher up front. This would make them a bit weaker than the frigates, although, admittedly not much, but, it would make sense for their design.

This goes hand in hand with my second suggestion, which could be implemented rather quickly. According to canon, the last thing a Captain should consider is becoming an Admiral, since that rank promotes them beyond the center seat. So, why is it, that as an Admiral, a vice admiral at that, I am commanding a starship?

Easy fix, which certainly won't appeal to some, but, here goes...Re-rank the system.

Lieutenant (jg)
Lieutanant (sg)
Lieutenant Commander
Commodore (If you must go higher, or, perhaps this is a reward for hitting 50.)

Same 5 levels, but, no Admirals. More true to canon, and more satisfying. If I'm a bloody Vice-Admiral, I should have a small fleet at my disposal, not one measly ship!

Oh, and on a related note, I understand that the US Navy uses the rather Monty Python-esque title of Rear Admiral (Lower Half)....Can we use ranks that come from a navy that uses titles that sound more...professional? Maybe the Royal Navy? If you're going to keep the ranks as is, could the Rear Admiral (Lower Half...I really want to meet the guy who came up with this one) be replaced with Commodore. It sounds so much less...Well, I won't say what I think the other sounds like, but, I'm pretty sure the guy who originated it was a few numbers shy of an IQ.