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12-15-2012, 03:54 PM
Q: (werewolf359) You mentioned recently that an upcoming season would be titled ?Founders of the Federation? and include the sector between Sirius and Beta Ursae. Does this mean we?ll get the missing founding world Tellar as a social zone or at least as a dot on the map?

Dstahl: The comment comes from an interview where I mentioned that one of the sectors we want to do is the area to the galactic left of Sol in the Alpha Quadrant. This area would include Trill, Ferenginar, Tellar, and several other Founders of the Federation. We have not fully fleshed out the concept for this sector, but one idea was to make it a purely Foundry related zone where players could create missions that represent this mostly peaceful part of our galactic map.
While I like and support the idea, I hope that Dstahl realizes that it would require art assets. We don't have anything Ferengi for Ferenginar. We're mostly limited to using:

Cardassian, Vulcan, Romulan, Fed, KDF, and generic science or colony buildings, etc.

Please, for a moment, think of us as one of your teams. If you wanted one of your teams to develop this specific sector, what kinds of assets would they need to tell their stories?

Asking us to develop a sector but not giving us the resources to do so would be unfair.