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12-15-2012, 04:06 PM
I have been neglectful of this thread due to enormous and unexpected support after Star Trek Online itself supported and announced us!

First, we have a dedicated web master now who came forward and wowed us with his portfolio; he is nerly done making a KICKBUTT really snazzy interactive website so

Coming soon is and

We have an IRC channel which will also be accessible from in the website.

You can also join us in chat by typing /channel_join Starfinder in STO or joining #Starfinder with your IRC client using as the server

Offers for podcast interviews and other support have poured in so much, it is a bit surreal. But now I have a dedicated growing staff inside Starfinder production that is giving us the foundation to offer the best overall experience and entertainment we can give.

Thank you for the feedback comments, and views, and be sure to stay tuned.

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