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# 1 Season 7, accountability
12-15-2012, 05:55 PM
Simply put season 7 has seen one blunder after another from cryptic. Something needs to change within the corporate culture soon because it is simply unacceptable for this to continue. The time for excuses is over, the funding is there, the staff is there and they have had time to be trained, the expectations have been tempered, and yet it is still one blunder after another. You have managed to irritate the hardcore players by the promise of new items that are not even in the game yet. The casuals with the difficulty changes and fluctuating economy. The pvp by not realizing how the new stuff would pan out. The fleets that were locked from progression either from boff bugs or lack of fleet marks.

In an era of increased competition and flighty customer bases these level of quality is unacceptable. Someone needs to be held accountable.

I know this may sound overly harsh. But lets face facts there is absolutely no reason the reputation passives that are destroying PvP should have made it live without someone realizing the effect they would have. Items and tech for the reputation system should have been finished when season 7 launched not months later expecting the playerbase to be content with a placeholder item. And I'm not touching the dilithium changes with a ten foot pole as anyone with a moderate amount of MMO economy experience would have done a better job predicting the outcome.