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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
The ability to cancel a project was never built into the system. In case it's not obvious, the Reputation System is using the same basic technology as the Fleet Project system, and we specifically did not intend for Fleet Projects to be cancelled as it could allow for a fleet's leadership to potentially screw over its players (intentionally or not).
What is the difference between kicking players out and cancelling a project? Regardless about which option is chosen, the fleet's leadership already has the power to screw over players. Leadership doesn't need a cancel button to cause any trouble. They already have that power.

Adding a cancel button to projects will help fleets, for it will be used to prevent certain crises. If another leader activates a highly expensive dilithium project and rage quits, the other fleet members will be desperately looking for that cancel option. I had that happen in my now defunct fleet. Since I didn't have the resources to cover the 200,000 dilithium price tag, on a project that no one wanted, I had no choice but to disband the entire fleet. It also didn't help that the disgruntled leader ended up kicking out our members and then looted our banks. I could have stopped some of the damage with a cancel button.

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