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Originally Posted by twistedvaccine View Post
Ive been playing the same toon since beta, i tried KDF for a while but i wasn't a fan.

so can anyone give me some of the main advantages of creating a 2nd fed toon?
It's good to have all the different class characters (Tac, eng, sci) to figure which one suits you better and to develop different tactics of play. I have times where I am more on an Engi' kick, or Sci or Tac'. Knowing all three classes helped me learn to play the game betterby hashing out what and who works better where. Also some missions benefit from having a mix of classes and if you can cover all bases, your better off teamwork wise.

The extra resource aquirement through additional doff missions and exchange sale capabilites help out well too.I have three toons in a fleet and between them (mostly via doff missions) I have ben able to contribute about 2 million fleet points worth of assetts to my fleet. As a student in college, busting my brains out with schoolwork, I didnt have the time to grind the missions as much this last semester but with the number of toons and doff missions done, I am still one of the highest contributing members of my fleet.