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12-16-2012, 01:41 AM
For cancel reputation or fleet projects must be possible to make.

If losing stuff donated in a Fleet project Thats fine every player got they're fleet credits.
Only the Fleet Boss get the power to cancel fleet's projects.

Cancel a Empty Reputation Project must possible to do. By lag got the wrong project.

It will take me monhts to collect 20 green Engineers.
The Doffs enchange 5 common to 1 Green is 500 Dil so will it basic 10k stil needed.
But wil need more dil for that to get the right green engineer. and lots of wrong Green doffs of the random picks of the system.

So I will need more than 100k dil to get the right Green engineers.

Buying from the exchange will be an option: If the green doffs have the Right low price.
If the market for them will go Up so you have to sell much of possible got get EC to buy those Green Engineers that will take lots of days of farming items to sell.

So basic change the green doffs for common doffs or put a cancel button in the reputation projects only for projects that are empty.

Or make the Dil refining from 8k to 12K a day. and vip/gold members 15k