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Originally Posted by seekerkorhil View Post
They are unlikely to care though. They want it to take you forever to grind a full set of weapons. What confuses me is this makes sense if we all paid a subscription but making people play longer (read: grind more) doesn't really make sense in a F2P model. Especially when the lack of affordable, quality items in the z-store destroys the concept of impulse buying.
The point is that you buy zen to convert to dilithium. This is the same model every F2P in existance uses. You either spend the time, or you spend a dime.

It takes a person 3.5 days of playing ~2 hours a day to earn enough dilithium to get one of these weapons, and that's assuming they only have one character. So maybe 5-6 hours a weapon, at the high end. It's not exactly a huge cost.

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