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Alright this just bugs the heck out of me everytime I go to Japori I believe it is or look at the description, or look at any nausicaan npc that is flying the class of fleet ship we have on KDF side for nausicaans.

First item is you have labeled the "Siphon Pods" as "Nausicaan Technology" and then you however do give these "Siphon Pods" to NPC's but yet we have not ever had a single Nausicaan ship for the KDF that even has the capability to launch their OWN technology.

The next issue is you have these Stalkers labeled as Nausicaan Fighters. So riddle me this Cryptic you drop another type of possible pet out there the "Stalker" in the future or playable shuttle/fighter that most likely unless their is some consistency put into this game where if we theme characters like I know a lot of us do we would like to be able to have our widdle nausicaans using their own technology

To sum it all up Cryptic I'm not hard to please I'm just looking for 2 things when it comes to anything in this game that gets put in and that is accountability and consistency. That's all and I don't ask you guys to part the red sea or anything. It's just this blew my gasket once again while seeing my nausicaan and then fighting the rebel ones... Just too hard to stomach.