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12-16-2012, 05:45 AM
First let me say this, your ships set up is fine though i would not really stack 2 of the same type of plating it's kinda counterproductive. But I am certain you are working your way up to get purple of the XII variety but if you can get purple of the XI variety because it is cheaper and outclasses green and blue of the XII variety until you can afford the extravagant prices.

That's not where your problem lies, your problem lies in your boff build, i've never seen such an eeer thing in my life. We will clean it up a bit for you and with hope it will help you in the long run.

(take a bit of time to hear me out and don't worry if you notice that I only have such and such amount of post and maybe I have no idea what I am talking about, then you would be wrong. Lost my original account and had to restart after being an elite level builder and player.)

Firstly, you're pve correct? I am not a fan of mines on an escort. You are better off with torps so you could go torp spread or high yield since the chances of an enemy actually chasing you is nill they will fire at you until you get out of range and will then latch onto the next viable target. Unless you are using them to just take out the probes then that is even worse since your entire build is relegated to one purpose. But if you like it then keep it.

Your DPS keeps dipping because of your set up, you have to change the set up of your captain skills to change that if you're ptr is lower then 8.8/1 you are going to have to consatntly pop batteries to keep from hulking down. So you will either have to change it, add in an engery amplifier, or learn to get use to popping bats.

You're old guild is correct about shield regen, a while ago i remember we had a debate on the power of sheilds and which are best and out of all the sets a captain with a good set up and high sheild abilities can push the borg shield from 4.8k to 6.8-8k making her powerful and then with her 465.8/6 regen and if you get the regen from the rep set u she becomes a whipping 1.174/6 regen, wow.... just wow.... and with her regenerative ability set up.... just... wow.

Now down to buiness. You're idea to key bind your skills is fine but you take the tactical stance out of your hands and puts it to chance. I can see you binding your attack skills but why bind your eng and sci skills? that's kinda... well.... stupid. You don't need to be using your skills like that every second no wonder you have them set up like this in this terrible set up, UNBIND YOUR ENG/SCI SKILLS AND MANUALLY USE THEM when it is neccesary to use them.

And on the note of your doffs, you don't have to use the doffs that have a percentage of skills you can use the ones that are activated when the skill itself is activated. I would love to tell you the ones I use for my escort set up but atm I have to keep it secret for a little while longer so i can keep baffling my opponents in pvp that are all like wtf! You're hacking, you're doing this and that! You cheater! I'm like ha, die.

Ok back to business.

3 tac teams? No... get rid of one. Replace it with something you may not even notice like target (whatever) or BO or leave it empty if you can't find something to go in it's place. Three tac teams screams I have not learned anything while playing this game.

never line your skills up like that, you are basically making your commander into a leu thus diminishing his value. Second reason not to, the difference between 1-2-3 is soooo small you will barely notice a difference so you should stick with one and leave it at that be either CSV1 or CSV2 and cross breed your skills to maximize them.

Secondly... why.... why so many betas? You don't need 2 attack pattern beta... here let me help you with this set up. Use it or not.

Cmd: TT1, DPB1, CSV2, APO3
Leu: TT1, APB1, CSV2
Ensign: High yeild one. (It also works on mines so it could improve your bottom line.)

Now on to the heals....


Ok I won't even explain wh this is a bad idea i will just clean it and say use it or not.
Eng: EPtS1, RSP1
Sci: HE1, TSS2 (Just because it is minimal does not mean the most out of your shields is worse. HE at any level will do the same thing and that's debuff you so it's level does not mater but TSS at a higher level gives you small increments more then 1 which can be all the difference between life and death.

There. I hope that it helped you to rearrange your set up to do more damage. Personally I would sugest you had used the Fleet patrol escort because it is healthier and has a higher dps output because of the extra Eng spot if you add in EPtW so they are the strongest escort in terms of either survivability or dps.

and that's it. If you see me in game be sure to say hi.

Horatio Oz.