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Bryan once more grabbed the elegant sabre off of the wall and sheathed it on his belt, completing his dress uniform

"Ok, I have to ask," his first officer, a beautiful Trill women named Ibalei Zera asked as she walked into his quarters, "Why do you always wear that with your dress uniform?"

"I guess it's a little bit of nostalgia." He laughed.

"Oh? Notsalgia for what?"

"Back in the old days, when Earth was still heavily divided, blades such as this were used to denote someone of an upper rank. It saw extensive use as a weapon by mounted units until what we called World War One. Afterwards, it mainly became a ceremonial item for officers."

That though brought him back to when he was gifted the blade


It was about a year earlier, somewhere off in the Delta Volanis cluster. Bryan was still in command of the Dakota class U.S.S. Omega. His ship had responded to an anonymous distress call. A ship from a previously unknown species had been attacked by a Klingon Negh'Var class battleship. Bryan responded, and the Omega joined the fight. He saw quickly why the species had issued the distress call, for they were still around the technology level of Starfleet when Kirk commanded the first U.S.S. Enterprise. The Omega quickly engaged the Negh'Var, drawing its attention off of the unknown vessel. Shortly thereafter, the Negh'Var was crippled and ended up retreating. Grateful for the assistance, the captain of the unknown ship invited Bryan aboard the ship.

He personally greeted Bryan in the ship's transporter room, saying "Thank you so much for your timely rescue. I hesitate to think of what might have become of us if you had not arrived"

"It's both in our regulations and a personal policy of mine to respond to any distress call, regardless of whom it was sent by," Bryan said with a faint smile.

"You may call me Captain Kar'Shara, of the Seldonian Democracy."

"Commander Bryan Mitchel Valot, United Federation of Planets. This is my first officer, Lieutenant Commander Ibalei Zera."

"It's an honor to meet you, Captain." Ibalei said calmly.

"The honor is mine. You have saved my life, and that of my men. The least I can do is introduce who we are to you."

The captain led them to an area that was not too dissimilar from the lounge on the Omega.

"Can I offer you two a drink?" he asked.

"Nothing that will get us intoxicated. Technically, we're still on duty," Bryan laughed.

The captain waved over an officer, told him about their request, and the officer went back to get the drinks. The three officers were soon joined by Kar'Shara's second-in-command, and they each discussed the similarities and differences between their two governments and peoples.

Eventually Bryan and Ibalei had to return to their ship, but the captian stopped them just before they left and said, "before you go, I would like you to accept thes as a gift from me and my XO." at which point he and his XO removed the sabres from their belts and each held them to the two Starfleet officers.

"You're giving me your blade?" Bryan asked, moderately surprised.

"Yes." he stated calmly, "Among my people, the gift of a blade, especially one as significant as an officer's blade, represents the ultimate debt of gratitude, one that can never be repaid. I sincerely ask that you two take these blades, out of friendship, if nothing else."

"Thank you very much. I can tell this means a lot for you."

"No, It is I, who is in your debt."


Bryan drew the sabre, and admired the elegant carving within the the blade, patterns more detailed and intricate than any other blade he had seen. Bryan finally looked up at his first officer, and saw that she, too, wore the sabre she had been given.

"They truly are beautiful blades," she said.

"Indeed," Bryan Responded as he sheathed his sabre. At that, the two smiled, and left the room.
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