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12-16-2012, 06:02 AM
I decided to go with Polarized Disruptors Mk XII on my Aventine. I think the Beam Arrays were around 500k EC on the exchange, the turrets are currently around 2,4 million EC (I was checking them out for a possible Breen build). Everyone has resistance to plasma. Of course, this means that I also won't get any further parts of the Romulan console/weapon set. In fact I don't need any of their equipment beside the console. The only things worth unlocking are the abilities. High density beam rifle? Crap. Wide beam pistol? Can get a polarized disruptor one cheaply from the exchange. Assault weapon? Meh, I prefer full auto rifles for the looks. Flamethrower? Sure, as soon as you manage to put a stun setting on that.......
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