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Originally Posted by ascaladar View Post
That is simply not true. There are invisible super high damage hits from the borg that either take your shields and hulls down extremely fast, making you vulnerable to any follow up attack or more often then not, kill you instantly.

That is not a discussion about proper builds because I have seen Bortas build extremely tanky and flown by an engineer get chewed up in no time, the claim that a properly fit tactical can survive this amount of damage is just ridiculous.
Anytime my tac escort dies to Borg it's because I did something stupid (ie sticking around at 50% hull when the Neg'var spawn in CSE, cause we know that we are going to eat an ISO for half our hull) or pressed my luck a little too long(ie hanging in the fight too long with my HE on cooldown and then disengaging only to watch a plasma dot kill me).

In fact, the only time I can remember in the last 6 months that I've died from complete and utter BS, was when I got ISO charged by a Raptor and a Neg'var at the same time. Hell if I know how a Raptor ISOed me.

These magical instant deaths everyone complains about are completely off my radar, probably because I constantly run Tac Team, EptS, and manually redistribute shields like your suppose to. Every time I see a video of these so-called one-shots, it's always someone completely at fault because they aren't running buffs or they completely ignore a Heavy Plasma Torp.

There is a 5 second window between tac teams that you need to be mindful of around gate's, Tactical Cubes, and anything that hits really hard with a Torp spread. Pay attention and this, use other defensives like Brace for Impact, TSS, etc... and it no longer becomes a problem.

Now do I sometimes take nasty spike damage? Hell yeah, and thats when you hit Brace for Impact & Ramming Speed or Evasive Maneuvers and get the hell out of Dodge. That's what those skills are there for.

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