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Originally Posted by xantris View Post
Anytime my tac escort dies to Borg it's because I did something stupid (ie sticking around at 50% hull when the Neg'var spawn in CSE, cause we know that we are going to eat an ISO for half our hull) or pressed my luck a little too long(ie hanging in the fight too long with my HE on cooldown and then disengaging only to watch a plasma dot kill me).

In fact, the only time I can remember in the last 6 months that I've died from complete and utter BS, was when I got ISO charged by a Raptor and a Neg'var at the same time. Hell if I know how a Raptor ISOed me.

These magical instant deaths everyone complains about are completely off my radar, probably because I constantly run Tac Team, EptS, and manually redistribute shields like your suppose to. Every time I see a video of these so-called one-shots, it's always someone completely at fault because they aren't running buffs or they completely ignore a Heavy Plasma Torp.

There is a 5 second window between tac teams that you need to be mindful of around gate's, Tactical Cubes, and anything that hits really hard with a Torp spread. Pay attention and this, use other defensives like Brace for Impact, TSS, etc... and it no longer becomes a problem.

Now do I sometimes take nasty spike damage? Hell yeah, and thats when you hit Brace for Impact & Ramming Speed or Evasive Maneuvers and get the hell out of Dodge. That's what those skills are there for.
You hit ramming speed and give yourself a good reason to be dead. By ramming the ****** that shot at you.
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