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First let me say this, your ships set up is fine though i would not really stack 2 of the same type of plating it's kinda counterproductive. But I am certain you are working your way up to get purple of the XII variety but if you can get purple of the XI variety because it is cheaper and outclasses green and blue of the XII variety until you can afford the extravagant prices.

(sniped the rest of the quote to keep the post from going to long)

Horatio Oz.
Thanks for the reply!

I thought I would explain some of my decisions:

First the mines: I originally was running a 3 rear turret system, but exchanged 2 of them for mines as it allowed me to regen back to 125 weapon power before the next salvo, but then I had 2 slots basically not being used, and since in pve I run up close to things and then put it in rev while blasting away, I found that the mines allowed me to do extra damage without dropping my power, and could hit the target with 12 mines using DPB, (8 from DPB first firing and 4 from the second mine launcher in a short amount of time).

On the 3 TT1's, I knew that the third TT was a waste as it was never used, but I had nothing that I knew would help me so I just thru that in there as at least I could slot it independently of what was in my space bar keybind, that way if for some reason I needed to use it quickly and I hadnt been spamming my spacebar, it was easy to find, btw thanks for the info on HY, I didnt know it would work on mines, first ive heard of that anywhere, it will be getting moved in immediately in place of that TT.

On the keybinding of my def skills, I usually dont use that button, its my oh crap button is all, usually the only time it gets used is when I get that alpha strike on me from Donatta's Ship or similar that drops me from perfect health to shields down, and hull at 10% or less, I then spam it while hitting evasive maneuvers to high tail it out of range. The rest of the time I use them manually.

On HE2 and TSS1: I originally had them as you suggested, but switched them when I got the borg set as I wasnt having much problem overall keeping my shields up with the set but figured the higher level HE would help restore hull damage a bit faster for me as I figured HE2 would heal more than HE1 would. Ill definitely go test that, and probably change back.

On the double betas: One of my earlier builds had ATB3, ATO1 in it, mainly because I read that ATB3 was overall the best because it debuffed the target for your group, thus everyone's damage is greater against the target and since I wasnt needing to escape too much as if I got tractored, as I was usually facing my target, thus it didnt matter to much, and the damage was minimal, so why not add a second ATB in instead to buff my second CSV, that way I would be keeping up the debuff for the team on the target for a longer time.

Have I been mislead on that? I can see in pvp how ATO is essential, but for pve where there is a lot of focus fire, isnt running 2 ATB's better?

Now some questions about your suggestions:

I see you suggest Epts1 and RSP1 combo on my eng skills, would that mean changing to a Technician doff or two so that I could have Epts1 up constantly when they proc or is the down time negligible enough that having RSP1 to fall back on more than makes up for it without a doff change?

You suggest that using two neutroniums isnt the best, what would you suggest, 1 neutronium and 1 Electroceramic to maximize my defense vs plasma for Elite STF's while still having some kinetic resists? Or is there some universal console that you would suggest getting in place of one of those, and if so what console and which one of the current ones would you drop?

One last question, on my sci consoles, with you verifying that regen shields are superior with the proper setup, would I be wise to drop the field gen console and instead use as second shield emitter amplifier to further boost my shield regen?

Thanks in advance for any answers, I appreciate any help I can get from the vets!

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