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12-16-2012, 07:14 AM
Hoi :-)

to maximize your DPS get rid of the beams and the dual cannons.

Exchange them for Dual Heavy Cannons. On the aft, get another turret.

For Boff Powers:
get rid of the Beam Overload and Fire at Will. Get 2x Copies of Tactical Team 1. Get the highest Rapid Fire you can mount. Get Attack Pattern Omega 1.

2x Emergency power to shields.

1x Hazard Emitter to clear Plasma fire and Heal over time, 1 Transfer Shield Strengh to repair shields and buff resistance. Polarize Hull is good. Gravity Well is handy to have in STF's :-)

For Consoles:
Tactical: 4x Antiproton Mag Regulator
Science: Biofunction Monitor should be replaced by the Borg Console. Power Insulator should get replaced by the Field Generator ( )

I got the Maco shield and the borg engine/deflector.

I'm flying the Advanced Escort. It's a good looking an well performing ship :-) Will never upgrade to fleet or MVAM because I don't like their Boff Powers xD