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12-16-2012, 08:33 AM
This is a nice mission, but I agree with those saying it's a pain having to store your BOFFs armor while you give them suits for the mission, then having to store the suits while you do anything else... if it's some ploy to make money by forcing us to buy extra inventory or bank slots, then I suspect this isn't going to make much headway but.. here goes...

... how about a second "armour" slot on our character dolls devoted solely to Environment Suits or similar? Whilst some of the higher-end Nukara stuff can be quite good, I wouldn't replace my standard armor with it for regular PvE/PvP... so there shouldn't be any worries about players hot-swapping outfits. Just allow us to store a suit on the doll "inactive" but ready to deploy without taking up room in inventory. Especially if we're likely to get more of this sort of mission.

Alternatively, just auto-suit the BOFFs in standard EV suits (the same way my Quantum Duplicates get the plain white suits whilst I'm in the Crsytalline Shell version).