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12-16-2012, 08:08 AM
Originally Posted by lancemeszaros View Post
Switch to an Odyssey, dedicate all of your boff skills to survivability, create a solomonic spell circle using pure salt from the Dead Sea with a nine foot diameter with your computer at the exact center and a triangle of conjuration where the screen is facing, sit in your chair and offer prayers to Vishnu, Amaterasu, Jehovah, and the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and you might have a slightly increased chance at avoiding Invisitorp instadeath.
Yes I'm getting that vibe.

Originally Posted by lancemeszaros View Post
To maximize your DPS, switch to either all dual cannons or all dual heavy cannons (dual cannons proc more, dual heavies get the most out of rapid fire and scatter volley) with just turrets at the back unless you can complete the borg set.
I think that's why I mixed dual and dual heavy.... to compromise the rate of fire and the damage dealt. The Borg Set cutting beam already fires forward like a turret with its 360 degree arc.

Originally Posted by lancemeszaros View Post
Get rid of any skills that have to do with beams, make sure you have two cannon scatter volley and torpedo spread. I'd recommend switching to a regular advanced escort before you get the fleet version because it has slightly better stats and a better boff layout, and you can still equip the MVAM console. Omega set also does more DPS than MACO.
Working towards getting Omega as an alternative... managed to get engines XII before the system changed and am now halfway past Omega Rep 3... so hop[efully won't be too long.

Do I need to reconfigure my skill tree at all?

Thanks again.