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12-16-2012, 08:58 AM
Originally Posted by thelunarboy View Post
Would you suggest going back to phaser and getting more relays to benefit from the proc when flying as three ships?
I don't know if the other pieces of your ships are using Phasers. If, then I would be perhaps better to switch to phaser. If you can afford it or if you want to afford it xD I don't really think that it will increase your dps that much xD For STF's Antiproton does more for your DPS than Phaser.

Scatter Volley itself is usefull to kill probes in KASE and get rid of the Plasma Torps from the cubes. And to kill the giant gates/transformators. Rapid fire does a lot more damage to a single target. Great for Donatra, CSE, Spheres and if you don't want to aggro the entire STF :-P