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12-16-2012, 10:29 AM
lol you're going to make me reveal too much

but I will say this about your doffs look into these purple level doffs; but there are five interesting doffs you may want to see. I won't make it easy for you so you will have to go around and read and look for them a bit. An EPTS to shields isn't a bad choice but i would think about

A Warp Theorist with pluss 25 when you use BFI talk about godly 125/100/60/60... godly.
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if i had all their names on hand i would help you with all five but i don't have them before me to tell you.

Now do not assume that omega is just a get out of jail free card it also does all the things that beta does as well plus more so i think you may mean delta which debuffs the person you are attacking. The more i read your accounts i am certain you mean delta. I don't think you have been mislead so much as a slight typo or mistake on someones behalf.

More hull damage does not matter, you want more to shield since a torp to a shield is nothing but a torp to the hull is a death sentence so always place the buffer between your hull and the outside world. so replacing those shields is way more important then your skin.

If you want to repair those dipping etr's you will need to actually redesign your energy comsomption or get boffs with efficient such as borg or saurians with efficient that will help as well or even the consoles. which will allow you to go back to turrets.