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12-16-2012, 10:21 AM
The system is bad, because it was poorly thought out and implemented poorly. As an 'alternative' to running STF's I could see that but as a replacement? No. It was in place for at least an entire Season, so you saw fit to leave it in place that long even though it was breaking the game somehow? First take DIL away, and make more things cost DIL. Players scream at you, return DIL and 'some' drops to STF's.

Wait, I have an idea....let's return Investigate Reports, make them doable every 30mins, give 960DIL and 50 FMarks! This will make players happy and be quiet for awhile because we hate getting yelled at for sucking so bad! Never mind the fact it goes against everything we've said and done since S7 was launched! Woo-hoo!

Dudes, all this started over screwing with the STF's and adding Rep systems with counters everywhere telling you to 'hurry up and wait'. I, for one, was very happy with the drop system in place when I came back to the game during S7 and found STF's to be my favorite thing. I got a few tech pieces, but didn't complete any MACO/Omega sets. I loved the excitement and randomness of the drops, I saw quite a few times my last Tech piece I needed drop, but got out-rolled which is part of the game IMO, you get a chance and sometimes you get it sometimes not. There's games out there you could play your whole life and not get a drop of something in's just the way it is. I can see adding Rep system as an ALTERNATIVE to STF grinding for drops, but replacing it completely? Weak, and lame, and boring especially for those of us who knew the old system and played it at length.

It's like giving your child a great toy for Xmas then taking it away a week later telling them 'We've got this new Rep system for you! We'll put this toy in a black box you can't see into, but we swear it's in there, others too! Only XXXhours more of pointless boring grindy nonsense and a big clock taunting you with a countdown until you EARN the toy back we gave you already after you unlock pictures of it. Fun right?!?'

Yes, it's an old argument. I'll never get tired of yelling at Cryptic for their shortcomings....what else can we do really other than not give them more money?