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12-16-2012, 10:22 AM
I was positive Christopher Pike held the rank of Fleet Captain at some point so did some digging and found this in memory beta...

"Fleet captain is a rank of officer in naval services and space forces, most notably Federation Starfleet and the Star Navy of the Romulan Star Empire. Fleet captain is an honorary rank, a grade higher than a captain and a grade below a flag officer in most rank structures, although some organizations will refer to a captain as a fleet captain in title only, to show the said captain's seniority over other captains. In the 2250s, Garth of Izar was made a fleet captain, and Christopher Pike was promoted to fleet captain in 2264."

So Fleet Captain is a canon rank as per TOS episodes "The Menagerie" and "Whom Gods Destroy". Okay, so it mainly honorary but it could be made official...