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12-16-2012, 12:37 PM
1. Big gripe since before launch. A fix, asked for many times, would allow you to set your title to Captain, and all NPCs would address you by your title rank.

2. I would hope that in the future, we will be able to end the war and turn our combined attention to a larger threat. Perhaps a full-fledged faction to play aggressor.

3. I agree to an extent. Possible means to allow this would like the Scorpion fighter device from The Vault. Feds could get a choice of device, Danube, Peregrine, or Delta. KDF could get Toron, or any of the fighters/shuttles available to them. Device would work only if equipped in a device slot, and would launch 1-3 shuttles or fighters. Could be bought with dilithium, but not c-store or marks.

4. We have been promised love since before launch, and gotten little. Would be nice to finally get some dev attention to flesh us out as a true full faction.

5. To an extent you are correct. In wartime, we have used on occasion, enemy materiel for covert operations, particularly espionage agents. This was all on a limited scale and for a limited time, of course. Bug ships, Cardassian ships, Breen ships, Mirror ships - all things the Federation would not use unless it was dire need, to supplement the fleet. I can accept legitimate use of Vulcan and Caitian ships. For the KDF, using ships from other races, especially to confuse the enemy on the battlefield, would be widely accepted I believe.