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Originally Posted by alinon View Post
Performance has been horrible at best for me with my own wrapper. So I'm gonna try the one linked here and give it a go.

Edit: On a side note; what made you decide to go with this particular engine therealdoh123? I've been playing with wineskin for a while now but never would have thought to download that one. Is it commonly used these days? Is it known to work well with other games?

Edit 2: Holy crap performance with this engine is like night and day compared to the engine that comes with Wineskin. I'd really like to know what differences there are. I noticed it said something about X11../shrug Thanks for the wrapper therealdoh123, we should IM sometime.

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if you were using any engine based off Wine 1.5.1+ then you probably ran into the AMD driver bug in OSX... it causes rendering in Wine to fall back to software, and extremely slow. For me its just a lot of trial and error.

Originally Posted by celillarnon View Post
After the patch today my settings changed (wine no longer runs in a window) and the game is popping up an error about the game "not entirely being on the appropriate monitor". I'm pretty sure it IS only on the main monitor so I don't know what to do here.

EDIT: Forceful quit no longer seems to work if STO crashes (which still happens).
I dont know... are you talking about a virtual desktop window, or just windowed mode in STO? It will only try using your primary monitor... it may be a monitor issue though, so maybe try running a single monitor and see if anything is different?

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Doh? You there?