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Originally Posted by fraghul2000 View Post
I'd never run a skittle/TC ship, if not for the small dmg loss, then simply for asthetical reasons, but:

If one actually does the math, the drop off in damage a skittle/prefire-chamber boat when compared to an otherwise identical single energy type ship isn't as horrible as most people say they are. There are dozens of other factors which will gimp your damage output more than running skittles vs. single energy:

- wrong boff skills, wrong boff skill ranks
- wrong timing on boff and captain skills
- bad choice of weapon mods
- messed up space skill trees
- bad choice and quality of space doffs or no doffs at all.
- injuries
- ineffective distance to target
- stupid deaths
- unfavorable weapon setup (e.g. running ddb and torps and cannons)
- etc...

I'd bet that 90% of people that are parroting against skittle-boats have one of the above skeletons in their closets. It's always a big /facepalm when a player goes and screams "LOL skittleboaat!!!" at the beginning of an ISE and dies when the tac cube explodes or spends the STF sitting in his cannon escort at 9.99 km from the target....
Besides the fact that rainbows do less damage, they are a good indicator that the player has most of the above things (bad boff skills, messed up skill tree, so on). So when you do see skittleboats, it is probably quite accurate to assume that the rest of the player's ship is not so great. If someone knows how to make a good, effective boff set up chances are they would also know to use the correct weapons/consoles.
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