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12-16-2012, 01:43 PM
I have the bundle and the 3 set bonus is not all that great beacuse it takes up too many console slots that you need to use for other things. But the Vesta is a wonderful ship. There is a ship for each carrier class. pick the one that suits you and just buy one vesta. I like the Tac vesta the best with the phaser lance. And be sure to upgrade the hanger pets to the Purple ones that cost Dil. If you are a SCI captin you can finally do some DSP and dish out some damage with this ship. Just look at the 3 ships and decide what you goal is. Tanking, Corwd Control, Healer, or DSP and pick one. The 3 set is nice but not worth 5000 ZEN. I bought it and ended up not useing the other 2 ships and not running the 3 consoles.