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Originally Posted by captiandata1 View Post
the hargh'pengs are the fastest torpedeos in the game and they by pass shields, hit the hall fairly hard without torpedeo skill pionts. the radiation work good too and finally boom at first fired and 15 second after first boom.
ps with 2 hargh' pengs launcher you can have the secondary boom about 5 secong apart and a a new hergh'peng torpedeo ready to fire
They don't bypass shields, that's the radiation.
That's a valid point, but the radiation can be cleared with hazard emitters.
Last I checked, it was a ten second cooldown on other hargh'pengs after you fired one.

Answers in corresponding colors.

The hargh'peng is a mixed bag that really depends on how you use it. I have noticed that it has lower accuracy than most torpedoes it seems.
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