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12-16-2012, 02:25 PM
Originally Posted by bareel View Post
And just how well are SWTOR and TSW doing right now?

I guess my original point got lost somewhere. But simply put when you continually make massive judgement call errors on your game changes and reintroduce bugs while taking forever to fix new ones as well it shows a problem.

If you go to a restaurant and order a meal how many times does it have to be wrong before you stop going there? In this day and age you don't have the luxury of annoying your customer all the time in a market with this much competition.

If Cryptic wants to grow the game, if they want to run with the big dogs so to speak, they need to increase the level of polish and quality with their releases and decisions. To me they seem so out of touch with every aspect of the playerbase it makes my head hurt. I am not joking when I say I read the tribble patch notes just to see what will be 'exploited' next.

-The overpowered reputation passives were obviously overpowered to anyone.
-The starbase boff bug showed a lack of foresight and familiarity with their own game engine.
-The dilithium changes to STFs were poorly handled with the needless stealth nerf and latter reimplementation.
-Anyone with a shred of common sense would have realized the time gate method of the reputation system encouraged players to not bother playing. Yes this is now fixed.
-Romulan DSEs are still bugged, or are all DSEs bugged I lost track.
-How many items are missing from the Reputation reward tables and how can anyone defend them for that? If they were not ready don't bother putting in the text that I can get them. Haven't they been preaching for the past year about how they won't tell us stuff unless it is for sure?
-Get real tech for foundry or leave it be already. I wonder how long until battleship loot drops will be nerfed because of that. Not to mention the amount of potential exploitation just waiting to be unleashed.
-Doff upgrider costs yet the Fleet Purple Doff floodgates about to be opened.

I am overall happy with the game, overall happy with season 7. I just want this game to be here for a long time and this is my feedback on what I think will help make that happen. This is not a bash or rage post I am neither angry nor attempting to put anyone down. I am concerned.
Well I totally agree, its great to be concerned about a game you love and by all means give the Devs your feedback. Let them know you're not content with the "good enough" development they're putting out. This is Star Trek after all, we should be light years ahead of every other MMO out there.

Your original post however came across as very negative, and I don't agree that its the best way to provide feedback. That's probably where your original post got lost