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It is rare that I pvp, very rare. But as a fan of balance, and of interesting I applaud and encourage your effort.

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The Horizon Accords.

Accord 1: Pay to win in a free game.

We all pay for the game. through subscriptions, with our credit cards, through time. all ships and consoles should be accepted as reasonable in a premade 5v5 or 1v1 match up. How can we find common ground? my suggestions are as follows:

A: With so many "Unique" consoles available, a wide variety of combinations can be struck, but how much is too much? In a 5 man team, 2 "Unique" consoles can be slotted, and give the player enough space to maximize their build through standard consoles. Any more than 2 "Unique" consoles and you start to lose a balance of effectiveness vs. annoyance. Some players like to run them all, some none at all. If we can agree to 2 max per ship, and no more than 2 of the same "Unique" console per team, a balance may present itself.

B: PUGs are not held accountable for what they bring to any match, and therefore can not be held responsable for the composition of the team.

C: Accord "A" applies to 1v1 matches.

Accord 2: The Duty Officer System

A: Due to the nature of the Duty Officer System, self accountability and community accountability poses problems. therefore, Duty officer combinations at this time should not be held accountable by any. the game provides them boundaries at which you are free to do as you wish.

B: Some Duty Officers offer vastly more potential for maximizing and 1 players performance, and that of the team. Fleets and players will have to hold themselves accountable for the reputation they garner for their Doff choices. Reasonable combinations should garner more competition, and over use of some may detract from future competitiveness and available matches for that player or fleet.

C: Future doffs will change game play further, and should be evaluated as such.

Accord 3: Bridge Officer Abilities

A: Every ship has its own "Unique" Boff layout. All powers that can be slotted by that ship are available for game play. Some Boff abilities have hard counters, some have soft counters. it is up to the player / fleet to decide on what they will and will not use. The player / Fleet will garner reputation for consistancy or non consistancy of the Boff abilities they run. Future game play and match options will be the result of that consistancy.

B: There will be no "Broken" or "Overpowered" bridge Officer abilities. all options and combinations are acceptable.

C: Future Ship layouts will change the game further, and should be evaluated as such.

Accord 4: Respect and Sportsmanship

A: General back and forth banter is acceptable, and encouraged. Disagreements lead to conversations, and to the resolution of those disagreements. If no resolution can be found, the players / fleets should cease competitive game play until such a resolution presents itself.

B: The use of derogatory and inflamitory language is heavily discouraged. and sometimes acceptable among players. The use of racial or sexual orientation language should be reserved for those that are familiar with one another, and have found succh language acceptable.

C: Accord 4 does not apply to OPVP chat, but what is said in OPVP will most likely impact the reputation of that Fleet / player, and will endanger future game play and possible competitive opportunities.

have fun kill bad guys