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12-16-2012, 05:46 PM
Originally Posted by jacktanto View Post
submitted a ticket a day ago about not being able to pick up snowballs at all, on any character and i cant send them on the crew assignment either, which makes me almost unable to get any stuff at all, the race is the only thing im able to do each day but thats about it,
kinda hope for som compensation for this but i highly doubt ill get anything at all.
going away for christmas in 2 days so from then on i cant participate and cant get any more items until next year =\
I've also noticed the snowballs not being picked up problem. Did you try the following steps?
Originally Posted by snovern View Post
Otherwise, try the following method instead:
1) Make sure you have no snowballs in your inventory or on your toon's device slot. This is to prevent you accidentally having any melting/melted snowballs.
2) Collect a stack of snowballs.
3) Open up your toon's status UI (where you can see the toon's device slots).
4) Drag and drop the stack of snowballs into one of the toon's device slots.
5) If the stack of snowballs does not appear in your action bar, drag and drop the stack of snowballs from your device slot into your action bar. From now until this stack of snowballs melt, every stack of snowballs you pick up will auto-magically be usable from your action bar.
6) Find a moving snowman.
7) Use the keyboard <Tab> key to auto-target the closest snowman or left click on a snowman to acquire a target. If you do not actively target a snowman, you will likely watch your character throw snowballs at nothing or not be allowed to throw any snowballs.
8) Use your action bar keyboard shortcut or left click on the snowball stack in your action bar to throw snowballs at the targeted snowman.
Sometimes, I have found that I need to perform step "2)" twice for a first stack of snowballs to appear in my inventory. Melted snowballs can sometimes be invisible either in your inventory, in your toon's device slot, or both. The first stack of snowballs you pick up (while you have both your toon's Status UI and inventory open) can help trigger those invisible melted snowballs to go away. Then, the second stack you pick up will appear in your inventory.

If these steps do not help you, please try to post additional details of what you are experiencing.