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Unfortunately after serious testing(authenticity-wise) with builds I've found that Breen set still sucks.. but like some have posted would like to see a buff for it with the Breen ship.. and again the cluster torp takes too long and not a viable strategy if you're loading cannons.. try the UN-authentic loadout and you'll be happy what ya went thru to get the ship

Fore: 2DHCs (i use Disruptor-but whatever u want obviously), 2 Torps( have used 2 Quantums or 2 Transphasics- your choice)

Aft: 3 Turrets, Borg Cutting Beam

knock it if you must but with the right set up (ala Torp Spread 3) will shred all Tholian ships parked in front of a captured ship(up to and including D'Deridex- scimitar no) and will destroy 1 probe and most of(if not) the 2nd in cure space) in one volley(with Quantums).. still running diff setups tho..
PVE- not PvP prob wont even use it in PvP cuz i have other ships for that..