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12-16-2012, 05:36 PM
The disruptor proc makes the romulan weapons basically super cheap to tac console disruptors. Against players they arnt gonna be good till you get the MK XI or XII sci consoles from the embassy, once you add the romulan console set bonus and the sci plasma bonus, things may turn out even against stf shields compared to other weapon types.

Against NPC's the romulan weapons are hilarious once the disruptor proc goes off. Mildly specked into particle with no embassy sci consoled and I tick for 120 per second on plasma burn. Thats going to go up a lot once I get my sci consoles in a week or two.

they are a little steep but not that far off from other MK XII If you count getting to the weapons in fleet. If you just ride your fleet those are much cheaper dil wise.